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7 reasons why plastic tanks are ideal for glamping

Here are seven great reasons why we believe that our Glampsan plastic effluent waste Flat-Tanks are ideal to be used at your glamping site to deal with all that whiffy-waste and nasty-niffs from all your lovely glamping holibob guests.

Glamping sites tend to be off-grid (that is, unable to connect to mains sewers) and often planning precludes soak away septic tank solutions. Planning can also delay you setting up your glamp-camp-gig. Also self-contained sewage solutions are, for many glamping businesses, complicated and expensive investments. So, our wastewater tanks offer a cost-effective and straightforward solution to hold effluent that can then be collected by a removal tanker that comes along at scheduled times.

Our Glamping Tankology

Firstly, Glampsan is part of Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Ltd, and we’ve been selling our Flat-Tanks for a long while now. So, we have a lot of waste sanitation and effluent-handling expertise. Hence why we started up Glampsan. You can see our Flat-Tank arrays in the photo above. Also check out our vlog about Glampsan below:

Vlog about Glampsan and our Flat-Tanks

Secondly, our Flat-Tanks lead the market in plastic lightweight, durable effluent waste tanks.

Thirdly, they last for years (even decades). We have been supplying these waste sanitation solutions for outdoor events and construction sites all over the UK. And now we are providing our knowledge, advice as well as our advanced engineered, innovative and environmentally-friendly products for the glamping sector as well.  

How Glampsan can help your glamping business.

Fourth point is that we make waste collection tanks in many sizes.

For example, our Mini-Tuff-Tanks start at 160-Gallons.

Our larger Tuff-Tanks range from TT-500, TT-750, TT-1000-Gallon tanks.

Fifth point, is that you can even couple our tanks together for larger capacities too. Zinger!

Sixth point is that our effluent tanks come in all sorts of colours too - now that’s awesome! For example, see photo below of the red ones in our yard waiting to be delivered.

Our Depot and our Flat-Tanks (in different colours too)

At Glampsan, we go even further for our customers. We are renowned for our great customer service. Sizing tanks is tricky and so we often help businesses to select the right sized tank for their glamp-camp-gig to optimise their overall costs. It’s a balance of tank cost, storage size and the tanker cost of liquid waste removal. So, if you need some advice, simply pick up the phone. We’re happy to help you too. We also have expertise too to help you to site your tank appropriately and how to use our pumped solutions to take waste to a convenient location, near or far. In fact we have pumped solutions as part of our product range as well.

Whatever your glamp, we have your tank!

Whatever your glamping idea we have the right sized tank and other effluent waste products for any type of glamping accommodation; be it huts, luxury wigwams, treehouses, pods, treehouse, or cabins experience.

We also provide tanks and waste sanitation solutions to caravanning and camping sites too.

Glampers produce a lot of whiffy-waste

You might not have considered this, but it’s quite astonishing how much whiffy-waste your glamping family guests can make. And those bothersome nasty-niffs need containing; so your glamping guests remain healthy and unaware as to what’s going on behind the scenes.

Final (seventh) point is that our Flat-Tanks can neatly slide under a shepherd’s hut, log cabin, or any raised glamping tent or unit for that matter. Our effluent tanks and sewage pumps can handle waste to be contained off to one side (out of sight) for a group of treehouses or any other glamping accommodation. Click here for our blogs on sizing tanks.

A recent example

A glamping customer ordered our most giant tank (TT-1000) to serve two glamping units. The tank was partially buried and sited nearby so the tanker could easily rock up and take away the waste at appropriate times. Choosing the biggest tank meant that whiffy-waste could be held for a more extended period between tanker collections, thus optimising the cost of removal. Also, that meant the tanker could be timed to remove effluent between guest changeover times at the end of the week, for instance.

If you've got a spare moment, why not check out these blogs we wrote about you size waste tanks...

How do I select the right-sized tank for my glamping-site?

What tank size do I need for my glamp startup?

And one more thing, we’re big on Social Media too

One of our passions is that we love using social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in quirky and fun ways to appeal to you rather than trawl through endless emails. And we have lots of fun with video too, to get our messages across to you. So please look out for our posts and join in with our world-wide-rave and like and follow us back. Also, we'd love you to tell us, in the comments, what you think too people.

Have we told you that we believe we make (probably) the most awesome plastic sewage waste Flat Tanks in the universe? But, perhaps we’re biased!   

Sincerely, JT

0800 999 6010 (Part of Plastic Solutions based in Aldridge)

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