Flat Tank 160 gallons

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160 Gallon Flat Tank
Product Description:

The Flat Tank 160 is a compact 725 litre (160-gallon) version of our standard plastic Flat Tanks for use in situations where its diminutive size and low weight may prove an advantage. This 400mm / 16" tall tank has a low profile to slide underneath glamping units, toilet blocks or shower units and its light weight (45 KGs) means it is is readily delivered and/or positioned by 1 person. You'll find it ideal where space is at a premium and/or waste volumes are low.

Note: with standard 6 litre toilet cistern, this tank will take up to 100 toilet flushes + hand washing.

Typical applications include single toilet units; showers; camping/boating waste tipping points; camping toilet / porta-potty waste disposal and catering oil waste collection.

Find out how the Flat Tank 160 can help your business.

Technical Data

Please note: tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/-3% variation.

Tank Name




Dry Weight

Wet Weight*


Flat Tank 160

400mm / 16"

1100mm / 44"

1870mm / 74"

45kgs / 99lbs

765kgs / 1686lbs

727 ltrs / 160 glns

485mm / 19"

2100mm / 82"

3000mm / 118"

140kgs / 308lbs

2413kgs / 5309lbs

2273 ltrs / 500 glns

690mm / 27"

2100mm / 82"

3000mm / 118"

180kgs / 396lbs

3590kgs / 7898lbs

3410 ltrs / 750glns

900mm / 36"

2100mm / 82"

3000mm / 118"

220kgs / 484bs

4766kgs / 10,485lbs

4546 ltrs / 1000glns

* Do not lift with liquid contents on board

Product Information

Why use this plastic tank?

Lightweight - just 45kgs / 99lbs
Easily stacked for transport and storage
Easily carried by one or two people, when empty
Quickly add sealed 5" inlet ports on any part of the top surface to easily connect the waste pipe(s) from your toilet block / shower / log cabin / shepherd's hut etc.
Connect to a toilet block with our WC-Connector-Kit-01
Use as a collection tank for porta-potty / camping toilet waste by attaching our Elsan Toilet Disposal Point
2 x 2" brass inserts on one side allow tanks to be connected together to increase capacity
Link tanks side-by-side (landscape version) or nose--to-tail (portrait version)

Multiple Applications

Capture toilet, sink and shower waste from glamping units of all descriptions
Use as a chemi-loo (cartridge) disposal point - combine with our Elsan Tipping Point
Call us on 0800 999 6010 for more options
Rainwater Harvesting
Fits flat against a wall next to your downpipe - slimline design minimises intrusion
Diverter valve fittings available to connect to square or circular pipes
Taps or pumps available as optional extras
And Much More...
Campsite toilet waste tipping point
Pleasure boat toilet waste tipping point
Catering industry waste oil collection
Municipal refuse site waste oil collection

When and Why to Use


Our plastic, above ground effluent and water tanks will be suitable for smaller campsite and glamping applications and sites, but not all, we accept that. Our flat, slide under, low environmental impact tanks will be perfect for a range of applications where:

the glamping pod is nowhere near a mains sewer
you have planning permission for short-term use only
you have units built off the ground (e.g. shepherd’s huts) and you envisage occasionally moving units
you will not be able to install underground septic tanks
you need to capture chemical toilet waste

Our robust, plastic effluent tanks solve many issues when capturing liquid waste: they are an excellent off grid solution.

Lifespan and Repairs

The oldest tanks we have supplied date back to 2010 and are still going strong.

The product is rotationally moulded as a one-piece construction from UV-stabilised medium density polyethylene (MDPE) in a ribbed design for added strength.

MDPE is particularly suitable for this application as it copes with temperature fluctuations, absorbs knocks, does not absorb smell from the (waste) contents and is easily cleaned. Repairs are rarely needed, but in the unfortunate event of damage, most repairs are readily carried out with a plastic welding tool, similar to a soldering iron.

Smells and Waste Levels


We supply a range of products ideal for plastic, effluent tanks.

Recirc HD2 Clear, for example, is an all-round sanitiser and maintenance liquid additive, which kills bacteria, removes residues and cleanses the insides of tanks to reduce / eradicate unpleasant odours.  This formaldehyde-free product has a pleasant berry perfume and is used in low concentrations (2-5 litres) as the tank is being used and/or as part of your yearly maintenance schedule, in a higher concentration (10 litres)
Our odour trap and tank breather kit combines an air admittance valve (which is generally sealed and in the "closed" position) with a small carbon filter in order to keep smells at bay. When liquid enters the tank (i.e. when a toilet is flushed and 6 litres of liquid flows into the tank) displaced air is forced upwards through the valve and through the carbon filter. When the flow of liquid has finished, the valve will close again to keep smells locked in place.
To control the waste tipped into holding tanks from portable, chemical toilets we offer an Elsan® Tipping Point
Waste levels can be controlled by visual check or by using an audible and visual level alarm such as our Apollo Alarm

Septic Tanks or Main Sewage


Holiday parks specifically purpose-designed and/or glamping sites near to a mains sewer will readily be able to connect up to the waste outlets from glamping units.

Septic tanks or sewage treatment plants can be installed as an alternative solution but you will need to consult and apply for planning permission and be ready for groundworks, soakaway to a drain field (for which a “percolation test will be required) and ongoing maintenance charges. In many cases, if you are starting a new venture and are looking for a simple way to get into business, our flat, above ground waste tanks will be an ideal starting point.

Once your business is established, you may wish to install more complex solutions, but if you're looking for the ultimate in flexibility and the ability to move tanks around as your business develops, our flat, above ground tanks have the upper hand.

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