Flat Tank 750 gallons

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750 Gallon Flat Tank
Product Description:

The Flat-Tank-750 is our mid-range, flat, above ground, waste holding tank from our market-leading products.

It is principally designed to collect grey and black waste from all sites with no access to a mains sewer connection. Its flat "slide under" design allows it to be positioned above ground, alongside or tucked underneath glamping pods, shepherds' huts, toilet blocks, showers - and much more. Even if your glamping units are truly "off grid" (see note, below) and miles from civilisation or mains services, this tank will provide the solution you need. Want to move your units to a different location next year? No problem: the Flat-Tank-750 will give you that flexibility: simply empty it and move it. Four able-bodied people will easily manage it by hand.

At 690mm tall, weighing in at 180 KGs and designed for an outdoor life, this tank offers a low-environmental impact solution, especially in sensitive sites where you cannot - or don't want to - bury a tank underground. It is packed with features and a range of options that will allow you the flexibility to adapt as your site or business changes.  With its simple linking kit options and range of technical advantages, the Flat-Tank-750 is a choice product to capture effluent, liquid waste and sewage.

Note: in this instance, the term "off grid" means where there is no connection to a mains sewer. As these tanks will be emptied by third party waste companies, the latter will need fairly close vehicular access to the tank in order to remove the waste.

Find out how the Flat Tank 750 can help your business.

Technical Data

Please note: tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/-3% variation.

Tank Name




Dry Weight

Wet Weight*


400mm / 16"

1100mm / 44"

1870mm / 74"

45kgs / 99lbs

765kgs / 1686lbs

727 ltrs / 160 glns

485mm / 19"

2100mm / 82"

3000mm / 118"

140kgs / 308lbs

2413kgs / 5309lbs

2273 ltrs / 500 glns

Flat Tank 750

690mm / 27"

2100mm / 82"

3000mm / 118"

180kgs / 396lbs

3590kgs / 7898lbs

3410 ltrs / 750 glns

900mm / 36"

2100mm / 82"

3000mm / 118"

220kgs / 484lbs

4766kgs / 10,485lbs

4546 ltrs / 1000 glns

* Do not lift with liquid contents on board

Product Information

Why use our plastic tank?

A quick, flexible way to connect up your glamping pods to collect waste - get straight into business without waiting for groundworks
Waiting for planning permission for an underground tank, septic tank or sewage treatment plant? No problem: use this tank as a short to medium-term solution
Prefer to generate revenue first and then invest in complex infrastructure later: use this tank to get you going
If you decide to move your accommodation units next season: no problem, the Flat Tank gives you that flexibility. Just empty (it) and move accommodation and tank to your new location
No groundworks required: a simple, low-environmental impact tank, which sits flat on the ground and which can be moved as required and even over-wintered off site
Plastic Flat Tanks will not corrode - no matter how long they are in use. Unsightly rust is a thing of the past
Plastic Flat Tanks are much lighter than steel tanks (120 kgs compared with 420 kgs for a 500 gallon tank)
With its lower weight, using a Flat Tank will actually reduce your costs: less fuel, smaller truck, lower cost of lifting equipment and labour
Plastic Flat Tanks reduce environmental impact: we use recycled material and help you reduce fuel use
Deliver and position Plastic Flat Tanks with far less effort, heavy equipment and expense than steel tanks
Plastic Flat Tanks are easy to clean and maintain a hygienic image

Technical Advantages

Large 12" waste access hatches (one either end) make for easier waste emptying and allow easy cleansing and sanitising after use
5" waste inlet ports / holes allow easy connection to standard 4” waste outlets from toilets / showers / kitchens etc. Easily match up to brown soil pipe from your local DIY store
All access points are supplied with twist-turn lids complete with tethers
Built in lifting handles and sling points
Non-removable, high contrast guidance instructions, date of manufacture and individual serial number
Upper surfaces are ribbed for strength and sloped so that rainwater will not collect
Increase volume by connecting several tanks together using our simple Linking Kits
Linkable in two directions (side by side in 'portrait' mode; nose to tail in 'landscape' mode)
Stackable (for transport and storage, when empty), rust-free and hygienic - flexibility is guaranteed
Note: NOT designed to be moved, lifted or stacked with liquid content on board
Standard, stock colour is grey but tanks can be produced in many colours, including a fetching "dark green" to blend into the landscape
Optional item: a high level alarm to report on waste volume as the tank fills
Optional item: a tank breather kit will draw any unpleasant odours away above head height
Optional item: environmentally-friendly chemical additive (HD2 Recirc) which kills bacteria, removes residues and cleanses the insides of tanks to reduce / eradicate unpleasant odours
Minimal spares requirement: and those spares you may require, we hold ex-stock
Tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/-3% variation. We reserve the right to amend the technical specification to improve the product without prior notification
Plastic process and material guarantee: 2 years based on UV8. This guarantee excludes damage due to misuse


Glamping sites: installed underneath or alongside log cabins, shepherd's huts, toilet blocks, showers and washrooms
Caravaning and camping sites for chemi-loo waste disposal - use our Elsan Tipping Point for even greater service provision
As a single, central waste receiver for waste pumped away from toilets etc using a sewage lifting station
Marine / pleasure boat toilet waste tipping points
Wherever there is no mains sewer connection, septic tank, sewage treatment plant etc

When and Why to Use


Our plastic, above ground effluent tanks will be suitable for many glamping applications and sites, but not all, we accept that. Our flat, slide under, low environmental impact tanks will be perfect for a range of applications where:

the glamping pod is nowhere near a mains sewer
you have planning permission for limited duration or short-term use only
you cannot gain planning permission for an underground tank solution: SSSI, nearby water course, tree roots, high water table
you have units built off the ground (e.g. shepherd’s huts / tree house) and / or you envisage moving locations as your business develops
you will not be able to install or wish to avoid the cost of installing an underground septic tank, sewage treatment plant, reed bed etc
you have several glamping units too far apart to connect to mains sewer and wish to reduce the overall cost (separate underground tanks AND groundworks expense)
you need to capture chemical toilet waste, which is prohibited from entering the mains or septic tank systems

Our robust, plastic effluent tanks solve many issues when capturing liquid waste: they are an excellent off grid solution.

Lifespan and Repairs

The oldest tanks we have supplied date back to 2010 and are still going strong. Initially supplied to the rental industry, they experience frequent loading, unloading and positioning activity: a challenging life. The product is rotationally moulded as a one-piece construction from UV-stabilised medium density polyethylene (MDPE) in a ribbed design for added strength. MDPE is particularly suitable for this application as it copes with temperature fluctuations, absorbs knocks, does not absorb smell from the (waste) contents and is easily cleaned. The product rating is UV8 - 8000 hours of direct sunlight in the northern European climate: the product spends most of its life tucked away underneath its toilet block, shower or washroom. Repairs are rarely needed, but in the unfortunate event of damage, most repairs are readily carried out with a plastic welding tool, similar to a soldering iron.

Smells and Waste Levels


We supply a range of products ideal for large plastic or effluent tanks.

Recirc HD2 Clear is an all-round sanitiser and maintenance liquid additive, which kills bacteria, removes residues and cleanses the insides of tanks to reduce / eradicate unpleasant odours.  This formaldehyde-free product has a pleasant berry perfume and is used in low concentrations (2-5 litres) as the tank is being used and/or as part of your yearly maintenance schedule, in a higher concentration (10 litres)

For a different solution, we also supply a breather kit which creates a flue effect and pulls air from the tank at a 3m height.

To control the waste tipped into holding tanks from portable, chemical toilets we offer an Elsan® Tipping Point
Waste levels can be controlled by visual check or by using a level alarm such as our Apollo Alarm

Septic Tanks or Main Sewage


Holiday parks specifically purpose-designed and/or glamping sites near to a mains sewer will readily be able to connect up to the waste outlets from glamping units.

For smaller sites, large underground storage tanks, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and/or reed beds are an available option but must be sized appropriately to fit the "population / waste volume" expected and allow an extra fail-safe capacity. You will need to consult an expert on the correct solution for your application and apply for planning permission. Be prepared for a due planning process and ongoing maintenance charges.

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