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5 ways to get more out of your flat tank

Flat tanks are a great solution for glamping sites. They safely and efficiently capture all that unpleasant waste while removing those odours that might otherwise blight your visitors' stay. They’re precision engineered, tough and durable enough to cope with whatever gets thrown at them, and they’re able to collect waste products while being light and maneuverable enough to make them practical.

The good news is that with the right accessories you can get even more out of your flat tank. Let’s take a look at 5of the most popular accessories we sell at Glampsan and why our customers love them.

Elsan Tipping Point

Let’s be honest, emptying toilet waste from cartridge-type toilets into the tank is no one’s favourite job. There’s always an element of uncertainty and the potential for things to turn nasty. Nobody likes splashes, and if it keeps happening on a busy campsite things can soon turn messy. To keep the area around the tank clean and sanitary, and to ensure that your visitors aren’t left with an unpleasant surprise, an Elsan tipping point is the ideal solution.

This purpose built add-on makes the straightforward, spill-free disposal of toilet waste from cartridge-type toilets into your flat tank easier and more predictable. Place it at a convenient height next to a suitable waste tank and it’s crystal clear to your customers what they need to do. As well as being an excellent addition to glamping sites, it’s also a practical solution for catering outlets and municipal waste tips.

Liquid Level Monitor

An excellent way to help you make more efficient and effective use of your flat tank is by fitting a monitoring system. This can help you keep track of the level of waste in the tank without the need to make time-consuming checks. Equally, if not more important, it removes the need to take a look at the contents on a regular basis.

A monitoring system takes care of the unpleasant jobs, giving you accurate information and letting you get on with other tasks around your site. At Glampsan, our liquid level monitor can be retro-fitted not only to our flat tank range, but to any plastic or metal tank between half and three metres in height. It uses wireless technology to deliver you the data you need while giving you time to do other things.

WC Connector kit

So you have your tank installed and you’re looking to make the optimal use of it. As well as being a place where campsite visitors can empty their own toilets, tanks can be used to provide portable facilities that empty directly into it. Connecting portable toilets to the tank is made simple with a WC connector kit. These are made for easy installation and provide robust pipe work and fittings to ensure an effective and secure connection.

Whether you’re running an event, or want to provide portable facilities for campsite guests, they can provide a straightforward solution for a wide range of different settings.  

Odour trap and breather kit

Let’s face it, what tanks are designed to contain can be on the unpleasant side when it comes to odours.  It’s important to do what you can to keep odours in check, particularly in a glamping site situation. Tanks them selves, when used properly, will help to trap odours and stop them spreading, but for added anti-odour action, our odour trap and breather kit is the answer. It has a robust, two-way vent that uses a replaceable carbon filter to help eliminate bad odours. Despite being compact, it’s incredibly robust, and can be installed in difficult to reach locations without any problems.

Electric pumps

Electric pumps help to make your waste systems efficient and reliable. They reduce the risk of blockages, helping to move water and waste products quickly through the system to the tank. There are a variety of options available, each with its own range of advantages and applications.Whether you’re looking for vortex pumps or macerating pumps you’ll find them in the Glampsan range.

At Glampsan, we’re experts when it comes to flat tanks and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about our products.

Call 0800 999 6010 or email to find out more.

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