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Flat Tank Level Alarm
Product Description:

This wireless, waste tank level monitoring system is available as a low-cost option / upgrade and can be retro-fitted to our Flat Tank range, indeed, retro-fitted to almost any plastic or metal tank between 0.5m and 3m in height.

This is a superb, cost-effective way of monitoring the level of waste in the tank without having to repeatedly visit the tank, open its inspection hatch(es) and physically check: let's face it, looking at the contents of a waste tank is not top of everyone's priority list. Let the technology do the dirty work for you! Using wireless technology to show you the waste level, this is a low-cost option, which can be retro-fitted to almost any plastic or metal tank up to 3m in height.

Find out how the Liquid Level Monitor can help your business.

Technical Data

Tank Depth Measurement

Minimum depth: 0.5m / Maximum depth: 3m

Tank Depth Measurement

  • Transmitter = 145 mm tall x 70 mm wide

  • Vertically-mounted on top of tank. Ultrasonic beam points down at liquid and bounces back into receiver to record level

  • Clearance of 130 mm required above tank

  • Receiver = same size and appearance as a standard 3-pin plug (55 mm tall x 50 mm wide). Antenna projects 140 mm above unit

  • Both transmitter and receiver have LCD displays showing level

Power Supply (Receiver)

150-250V, 50-60Hz. EN 60335

Power Supply (Transmitter)

3 Volt Lithium Cell (3V-CR2450)

Transmitter Battery Life

7-10 years (estimated life)

Alarm Volume

67.5 dB

Alarm Frequency

5 beeps from plug-in receiver of 1 second duration every hour (must be powered on)

Alarm Levels

First warning given at 85-90% full

Max Communication Distance

200m in normal 'line of sight' conditions

Wireless Communications

433 mHz. FM Transmission. EN 300-220

Max and Min Operation Temp (Transmitter)

Operating temperature range: -10 to +60 Degrees Celsius

Product Information


When the equipment (transmitter and receiver) are paired, the transmitter generates a unique RF (radio-frequency) code tying it to the monitor / receiver (which stores in internally and indefinitely). Upon powering up the monitor will associate with the appropriate RF code. This means that equipment can be prepared before shipment to site, particularly relevant for the hire industry.

A visual scale is displayed on the receiver unit and warning tones sound (from the receiver unit) when the tank is close to full: typically at the 90% level. This will be the time to make the call to your waste removal, service provider.

Features and Benefits

Remotely monitor your waste levels and ensure you never overflow again with this reliable, accurate and secure gauge
The transmitter can be fitted easily to any Flat Tank: the receiver can be connected to any standard domestic power socket in your home or site office (within 200 m range - in line of sight, optimum conditions)
Available with either a 3 pin UK / Ireland or 2 pin European electrical socket connection
The monitor removes the need for a physical, visual check and particularly helps where your Flat Tank is difficult to access

More information

In the event of power failure, when the power is restored the two units will find each other but it may take 1-2 hours for correct levels to be recorded. Therefore, it is recommended that the monitor is left on where possible.

Should equipment become mixed up (e.g. if hire equipment is moved from site to site many times during its lifetime) then it is suggested that transmitter and monitor are paired again to make doubly sure that the local equipment is matched.

You can avoid the situation where the first time you're aware your tank is full is when it is already overflowing and running down the car park! Those emergency call-outs tend to be most expensive AND you may be faced with an environmental clean-up bill.

WARNING: As with all wireless devices, actual performance may be affected by thick walls / heavy machinery / Faraday cage scenarios between transmitter and receiver.

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