Waste Tank Odour Trap

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Product Description:

Our Waste Tank Odour Trap & Breather Kit is a robust, two-way vent / air admittance valve designed to eliminate bad odours using an inbuilt, replaceable, carbon filter. Specifically useful for outdoor drainage applications, its robust and compact design means that it can be installed in hard-to-reach places.

Find out how the Waste Tank Odour Trap & Breather Kit can help your business.

Technical Data*

*We reserve the right to amend the technical specification to improve the product without prior notification.

Temperature Range

Cap & Base Diameter


Projection above tank

-20°C to +60°C

130mm (cap) / 110mm (base)


90mm (when fitted)

Product Information

Technical Advantages

Very resilient exterior for longevity
Can be retrofitted
Push-fit connector - no specialist installation
Easy maintenance by lifting the cap


Replacement filter / cartridge
Tank uniseals


e.g. for Flat Tank & Mini Flat Tank
Remove 5" lid and collars from tank. Fit uniseals to each exposed 5" hole
Push fit waste entry pipe into first 5" hole: push fit odour trap to second 5" hole
Replace filter every 24 months, as a minimum
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