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To bury or not to bury your waste collection tank?

Choices, choices

As a glamping business, you will already know about the head-scratching problems of getting rid of effluent waste.  Showers and toilets etc. produce a surprising amount of waste from your glamping units. There are all sorts of solutions out there to get rid of this waste.

But which one do you use? There are a mind-boggling amount of choices and options. These range from soakaways, pumped systems, mini sewage treatment plants and even composting - the list goes on.

Sometimes ground conditions won't allow you to bury a tank or to use a pumped solution.  For example, due to tree roots, a high water table, or nearness to a watercourse. What's more, composting isn't for everyone either. Also, planning consent can be tricky, too and takes a long time to get. And besides, you might not (yet) want to fix the position of your glamping pods on your site.

Our low profile tanks fit the bill!

So, at Glampsan, we offer you a flexible and straightforward solution. We think our low profile tanks will really fit the bill! You can use our Flat-Tank range to collect whiffy-waste from any kind of glamping unit. For example, our customers use them for shepherd's huts, glamping pods, log cabins, treehouses, wigwams on a campsite and from static caravans too.

Our Glampsan Flat-Tank features

You can see what our Flat-Tanks look like from the photo. As we've already mentioned, we have a range of these, but we'll get to this shortly. Firstly, we'd like to spend a moment drawing out some of its features and benefits for you:

  • There are built-in lifting handles and sling points to make lifting (and transport) easy.
  • They are all lightweight, making them easy to move about.
  • They all have a non-removable serial number for traceability.
  • They come with high contrast instructions and warning signs.
  • The in-mould graphic is permanent.
  • The upper surface is sloped to drain off rainwater.
  • They have sealed access ports to protect against spillage and smells - so, no nasty-niffs or, whiffy-waste here.

And there's more too. For instance, you can increase the volume by directly connecting several tanks together. That extends the period between waste pump-outs - zinger! All our tanks are linkable in two directions (side-to-side or, nose-to-tail).

They are stackable so, that makes it easy to store.

Importantly all our tanks are rust-free and hygienic.

We can also provide easy to use waste tipping points for caravan and camping sites.

So, all-in-all, flexibility is guaranteed - now that's Jenga!

Our Glampsan Flat-Tank range

You can see too from the photo that they come in 3 sizes 500-750-1000-gallons. We also have its baby brother too, a 160-gallon mini tank range. All our units can be neatly tucked under one of your glamping units or, hidden conveniently out of sight. We can also provide lifting pumps when gravity is working against you. So, our customers love our simple solution. We think you will find them useful also.

And one last thing - we’re big on Social Media too

One of our passions is that we love using social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in quirky and informal ways to appeal to you rather than trawling through endless emails. And we have lots of fun with video too, to get our messages across to you. So, please look out for our posts and join in with our world-wide-rave. So, please like and follow us back.

Have we told you that we believe we make (probably) the most awesome plastic sewage waste Flat Tanks in the universe? But, perhaps we’re biased!   

Sincerely, JT0800 999 6010 (Part of Plastic Solutions based in Aldridge)

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