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Our composting toilets, plastic water and waste capture tanks, sewage lifting
stations and sewage treatment plants tick so many boxes for glamping.
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Specialising foremost in the supply of plastic tanks from 150 to 30,000 litres for above and below ground storage of waste and water, we also provide a range of complementary products to help manage water and waste on your site, whatever the application, on grid or off grid.



These additional products include sewage and grey water lifting stations; sewage and water pumps; water filtration and pressure boosters; sewage treatment plants and septic tanks; level alarms and Elsan tipping points. Our “one stop shop” proves very popular with site owners looking for a range of products and specialist advice in one place.

Our Products


Whether you're starting up in business and are looking for your advice and your first waste and water tanks, or are looking to expand your business with a more complex solution to satisfy your customers' requirements, our products allow you to offer effective solutions as your business grows and adapts. Apart from waste and water tanks, additional products range from sewage lifting stations, which collect the waste from several sources and pump it away to a suitable disposal point, water and effluent pumps, Elsan tipping points, water pressure boosters, tank level alarms and much, much more...


From an "off grid" shepherd's hut miles from the nearest "civilisation" through to a bespoke log cabin with all services laid on, we are sure to have a product you need.

Waste Tanks & ADD-ONS

From a simple, flat tank positioned underneath / beside a shepherd's hut to accept toilet, shower and tank waste to a sewage lifting station which accepts the combined waste from several glamping pods and then pumps the waste away to a mains sewer or septic tank, we have a range of tank and pump solutions to aid you.

Water TankS & ADD-ONS

We have tank and pumping solutions to allow you to supply potable water (for washing and cooking) and non-potable water for toilet cisterns. Non-potable water can be filtered and treated with UV before use. If water pressure is low, we even have self-regulating, water pressure booster tanks, which will provide water at domestic mains pressure even when you're miles away from the nearest water main.


A full range of complementary products to help manage water and waste on site: from tank alarms, which warn you when your tanks are getting full; to Elsan® tipping points to accept Elsan® toilet cartridge waste; to rainwater harvesting kits; to odour control products from simple pipework breather kits to perfumed liquid additives, we're sure to have a solution for you.

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Coronavirus: Widespread in UK 'highly likely'
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September 7, 2021
Coronavirus: Widespread in UK 'highly likely'

With the coronavirus threat being 'very high' in the UK, we stock anti-bacterial hand sanitiser to prevent you catching and spreading it.

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