Water Bowsers and Badgers

February 25, 2020

Thanks to Paul Haywood for supplying us with this exciting story about our Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), also known as a Water Bowser. The large capacity 1000-litre reconditioned Bowser we provided to him allows him to harvest rainwater for on-site usages.

Our IBC Water Bowser installed to harvest rainwater

The stored water is used for tree planting, hedge restoration, with future plans for wild flowerbeds and wild-life ponds. He has the support of the RSPCA, Local Police and the Local Authority Countryside service.

What piqued our interest in Paul's conservation endeavours though, was his relationship with a local badger set. He has support from the Badger Trust and spends time observing these incredible creatures in their family set.

A Badger Set at Paul's Place

In the longer term, as his conservation activities expand, he may consider using an ultra-violet pumped filtration system to convert collected rainwater into potable water. He may also invest in composting toilets too and use the composted waste as fertiliser. But all these are projects for another day. For now, our Water Bowser perfectly meets his needs.


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Water Bowsers and Badgers
News and Events
February 25, 2020
Water Bowsers and Badgers

Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Ltd provides an IBC 1000-litre Water Bowser for rainwater harvesting for a countryside charity

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