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SaniPump - Saniflo – the Unsung Hero of Wastewater

Sump pumps are unsung heroes when it comes to safely disposing of wastewater. Whether it’s ensuring that the wastewater from your WC, bathroom, kitchen and utility room is efficiently removed, or that your basement stays free of flood water, they do a vital job in our homes and commercial properties. A sump pump is only of use if it can be completely relied upon to do the job required of it and is a practical option for glamping sites and similar outdoor facilities. 

As the name suggests, a submersible pump is one that will work when it’s immersed in the substance that the pump itself is designed to be pumping. This means it can be relied upon to keep on working whether submerged in water or sewage. The vital components of the pump are hermetically sealed away from where they can be damaged. This means your pump can function as normal, even when it’s submerged in liquid.

A compact and reliable sump pump

In the case of sump pumps, bigger is not always better. The SaniPump from Saniflo is an excellent choice of sump pump for a wide variety of contexts. With its compact design it’s easy to install and ready to use. You can have a functioning sump pump in place in no time at all. It’s combination of compact size with reliability makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of leisure and travel settings, not least glamping sites. 

The SaniPump will easily handle waste from a toilet, basin, bath, shower, bidet, washing machine dishwasher and sink. To meet different requirements, it comes in two different options. The first is a macerator pump that’s fitted with high performance, robust cutting blades that can be relied upon to prevent clogging. The motor gives you an incredible amount of power but has a quiet, unintrusive operation. It won’t let you down when there’s a job to be done. 

The second version is a vortex pump design, that can pump away without the need to macerate and with no risk of clogging. This choice means that there’s sure to be a SaniPump that will meet your needs.

How does it work?

The SaniPump discharges through 40 or 50mm pipework. The Macerator version has a flow rate of 11 m3/h, the Vortex version has a flow rate of 27 m3/h. They work efficiently, removing waste to the sewage pipe, ensuring a safe and sanitised environment. 

The SaniPump can also be used for pumping out flood water from a pit or a basement, ideal if an emergency situation arises. 

Added protection

The SaniPump is incredibly reliable but for extra peace of mind, it comes with a 2-year warranty. Each product is designed, made and tested in the Saniflo factory in France. Saniflo have over 60 years of experience, expertise and innovation, creating solutions that match the requirements of different settings. 

Their range of products has been tested to work even under challenging conditions. SaniPump also comes with back-up from the Saniflo service team, so in the unlikely event you encounter any problems, they can be contacted for advice.

A great pump at an affordable price

The SaniPump is an effective, reliable and compact pump that offers high levels of performance without breaking the bank.

To find out more about the product or any of the other waste solutions for glamping sites and similar outdoor facilities call 0800 999 6010 or email

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