Quirky Quiz - What’s the yellow cap for?

June 7, 2019

Quirky Quiz - What’s the yellow cap for?

Here’s JT, Glampsan’s very own boss-man asking you is it...

1. A port key for magical time travelling elves?

2. A worm hole to a parallel universe?

3. An upgrade kit cover cap to stop people accidentally disposing of their waste in the open hole (boring)

4. Type your own answer. The most creative top 3 gets a discount off one of our awesome #Glampsan #flattanks

We help #Glamping businesses with whiffy-waste and nasty-niffs solutions like these Flat Tanks that make holidaying easy. We make (probably) the most awesome #flattanks in the universe.

#Glampsan, we’ll do you proud.

Watch out for our full blog about our Flat-Tanks coming up shortly.

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Quirky Quiz - What’s the yellow cap for?
New Products
June 7, 2019
Quirky Quiz - What’s that yellow cap for?

A quirky quiz to guess what the yellow cap is for on the awesome Glampsan Flat Tank


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