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Latest waste solutions for glamping businesses

At Glampsan, our team recently exhibited at the Farm Business Innovation (FBI) 2019 show, Birmingham NEC. We wanted to test-drive the potential interest in our planned product range expansion - the exhibition was an ideal way of doing this market research. We weren't disappointed either.

We had a fantastically productive two days: we met a lot of people, had some great conversations, and came away with some useful contacts. Also, we were able to validate our product range expansion plans. So, in short, we were delighted with the outcome, it undoubtedly exceeded our expectations. Clearly, to us at Glampsan, the problem of getting rid of effluent waste is a top issue for glamping businesses.

At past FBI exhibitions, we mainly promoted our Flat Tank range as our waste sanitation solution.  But today, our story is very different and much broader. At this year's FBI 2019 show, in addition to our Flat Tanks, we also promoted:

  • Lifting Sewage Stations,
  • our latest range of Composting Toilets, as well as,
  • the latest high-tech non-electric Sewage Treatment Plants.

We were blown away by the high level of interest in all these products. We put this down to a reflection of the rate at which the glamping sector is maturing.

Firstly, our Flat Tank range had a marked increase in serious interest compared to past exhibitions. Glamping businesses are beginning to understand that this is a minimum investment option, that provides a simple but effective effluent waste solution. In fact, during the show, we actually sold the very Flat Tank that was the proud centre-piece of our show stand. Yes, that's right! It actually went out for delivery the very next day - excellent customer service hey folks! Now that's Jenga!

Secondly, there was a lot of talk around our Composting Toilet range. While not 'everyone's cup of tea' we are super-excited about our new range of Composting Toilets, and we predict there will be a gaining appetite for these types of eco-friendly waterless off-grid solutions.

Equally, there was a lot of interest too in our lifting Sewage Stations. This clever piece of kit takes waste away from a glamping pod or two, and channels it to a holding tank, say, that is some distance away. Besides, it is ideal for resolving situations where effluent waste needs to be pumped uphill.

Lastly, we were very excited about the number of conversations we had regarding Sewage Treatment Plants. This is an area of expansion for us at Glampsan in the forthcoming year.

So, in summary, we think that the glamping sector is still growing exponentially. More glamping businesses will move from mere speculation to becoming serious about their investment. What's more, we predict that in 2020 there will be an explosion of customers seeking 'the glamping experience' and that we at Glampsan are ready to provide a range of waste sanitation solutions for every glamping business need. The challenge for glamping businesses is to use 2020 wisely and invest in a waste solution that fits the needs of the site. So, if you need any help with your waste sanitation then we'd naturally love to help you too. Please contact us and we will gladly talk you through your problems, pain-points and issues.

Social Media

One of our passions is that we love using social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in quirky, fun and useful ways to inform you. For example we have an awesome blog site aimed specifically as glamping businesses to help to inform you of waste sanitation solutions. So, head over to our blog website We do regular videos too to help get useful messages across to our customers, and we'd love you to tell us, in the comments, what you think too people.

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Sincerely, JT

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