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Glamping - how to bounce back from Coronavirus

March 17, 2020

The effects of Coronavirus are understandably at the forefront of everyone's mind. But, there is light at the end of this long tunnel. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining, too. This blog predicts a bounce-back for UK 2020 summer holidays, the importance of planning for the post-coronavirus world and investing now in your glamping business.

I don't know about you, but the alarming pace and massive increase in the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK alone has come as a huge shock! I'm sure you will agree, we all face unusual, unstable, doubtful and challenging times ahead. New facts emerge each passing day: recently, some UK experts estimated that the virus may peak in around 10-14 weeks from now. So, infections may not peak until well after Easter. The latest guess is that the UK will be hit hardest in the May half-term holidays. So, like it or not everyone, we are all in this together for the long-haul.

Thinking out of the box

At first glance, it is fair to presume that challenging times are ahead for us all in the UK, and of course, we will all be affected in some way, some more than others. Closer to home for our particular industry, all that seems terrible news for glamping and event businesses alike - or so it might seem! At Glampsan, we think that despite the bad news, it's not all doom-and-gloom! Let's maintain a positive mental attitude: coronavirus won't be here forever! We believe it's time to consider an alternative, more creative and positive perspective. Consider the light at the end of this long tunnel. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining.

As you have no doubt heard or experienced, some businesses have already laid off staff for the forthcoming months. And, as we have previously mentioned, it's inevitable that all business sectors will be affected - that's the prevailing thinking. But ignoring this pandemic means going backwards (that's not even staying still). Besides, a "hope" that it'll all go away is not a useful strategy either, nor is doing nothing! Therefore, businesses must think more creatively.

Here's our silver lining proposition:

What if the UK Glamping sector could offer an ideal opportunity during the summer months for a well-earned break and genuine respite instead?

According to the Guardian, 'over the last few years, Brexit, terrorism attacks, and even the climate crisis and sustainability have all boosted UK holiday bookings. Counter-intuitively this summer, Coronavirus is poised to do the same as UK holidaymakers trade holidays abroad for a break closer to home.'

And, Glamping site Canopy and Stars says 'bookings for 2020 stays are up 33% on 2019.'

Undoubtedly, many UK families might very well be craving to get away from the constant day-to-day barrage of Covid-19 burnout. After all, the uncertainty and volatility of flight cancellations, travel bans, border closures and possible quarantine mean having no guarantees of getting away. And even if one did, would people want the risks associated with travelling abroad right now? Perhaps not!

Alternatively, a glamping "staycation" in the summer holidays may offer many benefits. For instance, for those who have recovered from Coronavirus it will provide a time of recovery. What's more, fresh-air, long summer days and warm weather (here's hoping) will offer an ideal, well-needed time for many families to relax and to heal as well. Besides, glamping pods, which are generally spaced widely apart, mean you can still maintain a safe distance from others, and for many people that might be helpful!

Yes, unfortunately some people won't have the available spare money (having been laid off, or their work cut) to afford a summer holiday, but that won't be everybody.

It's way too early to say, but some experts think that the virus may come back in the autumn and winter months, likely lasting until at least April 2021! So for many families, time to rest out for a short while will be welcomed.

Therefore, we believe that adopting this strategy will at least mean regaining some likely lost income during the Easter and Spring Bank holidays. Isn't that better than doing nothing? We think so. Moreover, what have you got to lose?

Time to invest in your glamping business

A great glamping pod pictured in North Devon

Here are three useful strategic ideas to invest in right now to help you:

The first point is marketing. At Glampsan, we believe in effective marketing. For example, from way before any of us had heard the word coronavirus, we've been hiring the services of a marketing specialist for a day or two a month, to help us to develop our strategies. We have benefitted from following a deliberate marketing plan. So perhaps the same thing might well help you too, to gear up your glamping business toward planning for a bumper summer holiday period. We pride ourselves on our marketing skills within the glamping sector, so, if you'd like to chat to us about how we do this and how you can apply what we do to your glamping business, then please contact us, we will be only too happy to help you. After all, in this troubled time, we believe it essential to all stick together and support each other.

The second point is about capital investment. As we have already mentioned, despite (or even because of) the Coronavirus, we still predict a rise in UK summer holidays, especially in the glamping sector. At the same time the pandemic will no doubt effect many people economically. Therefore, we recommend that part of your plan should be to invest a modest amount of capital spend. You could perhaps invest in one or two more glamping pods, yurts or shepherds' huts at the budget end that might be readily available. In this way your can expand your site further, and make the price point cost effective for those on a budget. In this way you can return that much-needed investment over the summer period.  This strategy could be a short term (low cost) measure as you could sell them on again when times are better.

Also there are Government grant schemes available too. Click here to read the blog (The application date on this may have passed, but new dates might have been applied for the next round of funding).

The third point links to the second and covers short term waste sanitation solutions. This is our field of expertise. Glampsan have set up to be a waste sanitation one-stop-shop for glamping businesses. So we can help you here. For example, many glamping sites have no access to mains sewage - therefore, we would recommend our recyclable, effluent waste collection tanks.

Our Flat-Tank range is popular for many of our glamping customers and they collect and store 500-750-1000-gallons of effluent waste from any glamping unit. We also supply sewage lifting pump stations that channel effluent waste uphill or over distance.

An alternative waste solution could be Composting Toilets, of which we supply a best in class range, which we import from Scandinavia, where they know a thing or two about the subject. However, this might require you to build a suitable toilet outhouse or shed.

Furthermore, we provide 1000-litre holding tanks for water, too, where mains water is unavailable.

In addition, our plastic stand alone duo washstands (supplied by our sister company, Plastic Solutions) are ideal for hand-washing for people entering and leaving your glamping site. During the Coronavirus pandemic these have become very popular as a simple short term solution to a real problem.


To reiterate, the Coronavirus will effect all of us in some way, economically and socially over the next few months. In times of pandemics, and driven by the media, behaviour patterns tend to revert to fear and survival. However, we believe that it's not all gloom-and-doom either! In such times it is important to understand the facts, but at the same time change the prevailing mindset from nay-saying to a more positive attitude.

One way to do that is to look for the opportunities more than the threats and plan accordingly. To this end we cited that despite all that is going on, and the potential down turn in glamping over Easter and May Spring Bank holiday periods, there is likely to be a bounce-back and rising spike in UK holidays during the summer months. Therefore, we all need to plan towards this. Let's help and support each other to do this!

We are here to help you

We learned during the UK foot and mouth epidemic of 2002 that enterprises do find ways of carrying on. For many of us involved in the outdoor sector at that time, even though times were exceedingly difficult for 2-3 months, when the crisis was over we enjoyed an excellent bounce back: it was a shorter season, compressed into fewer months, but it was a surprisingly good season nevertheless. Now, we can't of course directly compare the severity of coronavirus with that of foot and mouth, but rest assured, we have you covered and will be with you every step of the way during this crisis too.

Please give us a call as we are happy to provide you with our friendly advice any time.

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Glamping - how to bounce back from Coronavirus
March 17, 2020
Glamping - how to bounce back from Coronavirus

Despite the Coronavirus, this blog predicts a bounce-back for UK summer holidays by investing now in your glamping business.

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