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Come See Us at The Farm Business Innovation Show

November 3, 2021

One of the best aspects of our business is getting on the road to meet customers, suppliers and contacts and talk about our products. We’re passionate about our products and the advantages they can give glamping businesses.

Our recent visit to The Glamping Show in Warwickshire was a fantastic opportunity to talk about our products and hear from people who are using them already. It was great to speak to customers both old and new and it’s no exaggeration to say that our products have been a game changer for many businesses, enabling them to offer their visitors the high standard of on-site sanitation they expect. 

Upcoming in the diary is the annual FarmBusiness Innovation event at the NEC, Birmingham on the 10th/11th of November. You can find us at Stand 690 where we’ll be showcasing some of our products and answering questions. Why not come along and say hello?

Here’s some of the products we’ll be show casing at the event.

Composting Loos

Our composting loos are not only a green and planet-friendly option, they’re also hygienic, odourless and convenient.They’re an ecological choice, and perfect if you’re keen to ensure your glamping site is a green choice for people who care about the planet. As they don’t require water or sewage on site they’re perfect for off-grid locations.

The composting loos themselves are only part of the deal. You’ll also receive a composting bin and bedding materials. Using our composting loos will allow you to shout about your environmental credentials.

If you’ve any questions about how composting loos work and why they’re such a great green choice we’ll be happy to answerthem at the Farm Business Innovation show.

FlatTank 500

For many glamping sites there’s no easy way to connect to the mains sewer system. When that’s the case a flat tank can be the perfect solution. Our Flat Tank 500 is a market leading 500 gallon above ground waste holding tank. Its flat design allows it to be positioned discreetly, above ground, alongside or even tucked underneath glamping pods, shepherds’ huts, showers and toilets.

If you decide to move your units to a different location at the end of the season then the Flat Tank 500 can move with them. It provides the perfect low-impact, environmentally friendly solution, particularly in sensitive sites where you can’t bury a tank underground.

At the show we’ll be on hand to tell you how you can get more out of your flat tank (insert flat tank blog link here), as well as answering any questions you might have.  


The Sanifos 110 is an automatic lifting station that can be used for pumping residential or industrial wastewater when the sewer is at too high a level for natural gravity drainage and is a great solution for glamping sites. Designed for drainage of a single dwelling incorporating WC, bathroom, kitchen and utility rooms making it an ideal companion for individual glamping units.

Containing a single macerator pump with float activationit has robust cutting blades to prevent clogging. While the automatic motor ispowerful, it has a quiet operation which means it won’t disturb your guests.

The Sanifos 110 is easy to handle and install below ground and has a maximum recommended pumping height of 11 metres. 

Waterless Toilets

With many glamping sites created to provide an eco-friendly holiday option, having the right infrastructure on site is all important. Where traditional campsites can be resource-hungry, glamping sites frequently make use of innovative alternatives that conserve resources and drive down costs as well as the site’s environmental footprint.

Waterless toilets are a great way to reduce the environmental impact of your glamping site as well as being a practical option for anywhere off-grid. There are a range of possibilities when it comes to waterless toilets and our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding them at this year’s event.

Come and see us

If you’re coming along to the Farm BusinessInnovation Event then come along and see us. You’ll find us at Stand 690 where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about any of our products or glamping site sanitation in general. We love to hear about your plans and to help turn them into a reality in any way we can.

We’re always happy to answer questions and offer advice even if you’re not visiting the show. Call 0800 999 6010 or email info@glampsan.comto find out more.

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Come See Us at The Farm Business Innovation Show
News & Events
November 3, 2021
Come See Us at The Farm Business Innovation Show

One of the best aspects of our business is getting on the road to meet customers, suppliers and contacts and talk about our products.

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