Boss JT, spills the beans on Glampsan startup

June 7, 2019

Boss JT, spills the beans on Glampsan startup

Everybody loves a startup story. Andrew Jenkins, CEO of PDx Consulting interviews Jon Trelfa (JT) – Glampsan’s dynamic GM.
Here’s JT spilling the beans on the surprising and exciting story behind the Glampsan startup.

JT has been in the construction sector and waste-solutions since the early ’90s. He picks up the story with plastic waste tanks…
“We’ve been successfully manufacturing and selling our robust, plastic waste Flat Tanks since 2010.

We started off serving the construction and hire industries as Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Ltd. But, of course, toilet waste on a construction site is the same as toilet waste from a shepherd’s hut on a glamping site, right? So, faced with increasing calls from #campers, #glampers, #farmers and #landowners for information and pricing, we decided to look into these industries more.

Construction vs Glampers

What we soon realised is that even though the waste product going into our tanks is the same, there was a big difference in what these two sets of people (construction vs glampers) needed to know:

The Construction sector traditionally used metal waste tanks on site for many years, requiring a mindset shift to recognise the benefits of a plastic waste tank vs a rusty old metal waste tank. Plastic tanks to this sector was a whole new thing. So, they required a lot of hand-holding to realise the benefits of plastic tanks.

But campers and glampers, well they were all totally fresh to the idea. Plastic tanks, for them, was an obvious way to go.
More to the point, when looking at our website, it was hard for the new glamping customer base to relate. For example, making the link between a picture of a Flat Tank underneath a site toilet block and imagining the same tank underneath a shepherd’s hut, a Treehouse, or top of the range wooden log cabin is hard. Not to mention the difference in scenery. Glamping sites might overlook the sea view, be in the countryside, or in a field near a beautiful riverside setting.
We also realised that our look and feel is built around the construction sector and hire companies’ expectations.

However, glamping businesses need to be advised on a whole range of very different subjects. The Glamping sector also has a very different dynamic too. So we created an entirely new brand with a new website, And we started exhibiting our products under this banner.

We find that we advise the glamping market very differently. For example, we help glamping business owners and their management teams with research and marketing. We advise on planning permission and especially educating around the volume of waste created by various activities (toilet use, showers, washing up). We are proud that at Glampsan, we uniquely add values to our customers in this way, and we love bridging their knowledge gap.

There’s also a range of exclusive products that glampers need, which construction companies don’t, and vice-versa. So all in all, it really made sense to split the two into separate divisions. Plastic Solutions is the slick and professional big brother to Glampsan. It founded its impressive reputation on quality products. It also has superb customer service and speedy supply. When customers need the product, they need it now. That’s what Plastic Solutions does really well.

But #campers and #glampers are usually marching to a different tune and a different season. They are starting out and so need education, guidance. And, we love to hold their hands as they learn what’s involved. After all, when glamping holiday-makers are spending up to £1000 a week for an ‘off-grid’ solution, glamping owners want that to get going and run without a hitch.

Faced with planning challenges that the construction industry does not have, a vast number of people see our above ground waste tanks and recognise that this is a way for them to quickly get into the market sometimes with little or no need for planning permission (other than a change of land use).

Therefore Glamping businesses have a great benefit they can start up quickly. Also, they can quickly get the returns on their initial investment, and this allows them to grow in size. For instance, deciding to relocate or extend their glamping pods to another field or wood etc. The benefit of our robust and lightweight tank, and waste solutions is they transfer easily. This will be harder if you’ve invested a significant sum of money in a septic tank or sewage treatment system or even a metal tank. Those systems require planning permission too so you can’t then simply dig ’em up and relocate these.

Moreover, if you’re a glamping business owner, then Glampsan will be with you on the journey as your business develops. We may help you get into business with the supply of a simple waste tank today, but in a few years’ time when you decide to put in a sewage treatment plant, we’ll be there for you too.

Glampsan maybe young and vibrant but, as mentioned, it is supported from a slick and professional pedigree. We are proud that Glampsan responds to a very different customer base than from our roots in the construction industry. So, we invest a little fun and light-hearted appeal into our repertoire. For example, we have a school bell that rings whenever we get an order, and that is becoming part of our DNA now. we love our fun logo too:

Glampsan logo
To use a few analogies about who we at Glampsan are

If we were a Formula I team, we’d be fun-loving Red Bull rather than McLaren – we love quickly adapting to our customers’ ongoing changing needs.

If we were a TV interviewer, we’d be Terry Wogan rather than John Humphrys. And who doesn’t like a bit of our Terry (RIP)

And of course, there's our school bell that we ring when a sale comes in - big or small, they all count.

We're big on Social Media

One of our passions is that we love using social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and LinkedIn in quirky and fun ways to appeal to the different avatar and demographic as – after a long day out farming - many land-owners and their sons and daughters would instead look at these media than trawl through endless emails. And we have lots of fun with video too, to get our messages across to you.

So please join in with our world-wide-rave and like us back.”

We believe we make (probably) the most awesome Flat Tanks in the universe. But perhaps we’re biased!
Our additional products range from water supply pumps, cesspools and septic tanks to underground pump stations, which collect the waste from several sources and pump it away to a suitable disposal point.
We help #Glamping businesses with awesome whiffy-waste solutions that make holidaying easy.

#Glampsan, we’ll do you proud.

Click here to explore other Glampsan blogs part of Plastic Solutions based in Aldridge.  


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Boss JT, spills the beans on Glampsan startup
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