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Blencowe Hall, The Rowley Estates, Cumbria

When Christine and Charles Rowley researched shepherd’s huts for their thriving staycation business, they wanted to offer tranquillity, seclusion and luxury: a home from home even in the heart of an apparent wilderness. With luxury bathrooms and flushing toilets in an off-grid situation, she also needed a sympathetic way to control collecting grey and black waste. Cue Glampsan.

Nestled inconspicuously underneath each shepherd’s hut, Glampsan’s 750 gallon above ground waste tanks are each coupled with a level alarm to alert the owners before they need emptying. Guests use the toilet and washing facilities blissfully unaware of the controlled technology going on just beneath them. And that’s just how it should be.

“The staff at Glampsan were friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful,” says Christine. “Their plastic waste tanks were the ideal solution and they pulled out all the stops to deliver them within a week, despite the Covid challenges we all faced.”

“It was a pleasure to provide Christine andCharles with an appropriate solution,” says Glampsan’s Jon Trelfa. “Whether it’s composting loos, waste tank, sewage lifting stations or treatment plants,Glampsan has the solution.”

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