6 reasons why our Flat Tanks are a big deal

June 14, 2019

6 reasons why our flat tanks are a big deal

In this blog our very own JT – the ‘boss-man’ gives you the low down on our awesome Flat Tanks and other Glampsan glamping waste products.

Glampsan’s involvement in the glamping industry starts with our waste sanitation products. That is the safe capture of whiffy-waste from all your glamping holiday units. What’s more, we have simple and effective solutions for no-nasty-niffs to make your glamping-gig a holibob hit.

For example, you might not know this but, we like to think that we make the most awesome plastic #Flat-Tanks in the universe - probably! They are precision engineering masterpieces designed by our very own JT – ‘the boss-man’ and our customers love ’em. They love JT too. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective waste solution for your glamp-camp-gig business then look no further, give us a call. We’ve got you covered for all your needs. We think you’ll love our outstanding customer service too, our friendly advice and down to earth expertise. We really do know what we’re talking about.

JT showing off one of our awesome Flat Tanks

Here’s our ‘Glamporous-assistant’ showing off our awesome Flat Tank. You'll find out about the yellow caps later on too.

6 reasons why our plastic waste flat tanks are a huge deal
  1. Well, for starters, they are tough and durable. So, unlike traditional metal waste tanks that were initially created for the construction industry, our plastic tanks are cheaper, lighter and much more manoeuvrable. In fact all-round, they are ‘even much more betterer’! (J)
  2. What’s more, they can easily slide underneath any of your glamping units to collect toilet, kitchen and shower waste with minimal connection hassles. Or, they can be positioned nearby at any suitable point into which waste from portable camping toilets can be safely tipped. Customers sometimes want to bury ’em partially, so they are out of sight – and of course, that’s fine too. They have easy to use access points for hassle-free waste removal collection on every corner.
    Watch our latest quick- quirky video that shows you various ways you can configure our tanks (see end).
  3. How can Glampsan save you money by buying the right tank?
    Buying the right-sized tank will save you dosh! Yes, that’s right, we’ll help you to save money too – Zinger!
    We offer a range of tank capacities, and we help you work out investing in the right sized tank. For example, finding the sweet-spot of balancing your Flat Tank cost to the cost of waste removal by vehicle-tanker collections. We have all sorts of cool ways of configuring our range of Flat Tanks to do this:
    Our Large Flat Tank range covers 500-750-1000 Gallons.
    Our #Mini-Flat-Tanks range from 160 and 320 Gallons.
    Of course, it follows that a big tank has the same footprint as the smaller version (just deeper), so a big tank saves more space than lots of tanks.
    Having said all that, we can even connect multiple tanks together to create a cluster of Flat-Tanks where this is needed. JT, says that’s why he designed the red connector – so you can connect multiple tanks together. He’s so smart, isn’t he?
  4. Want to grow your glamp-camp-gig?
    That’s A-Okay as well! You see, our Flat Tanks and all our amazing products give you the flexibility to move locations as your business grows and adapts. Perhaps you may even need to capture chemical toilet waste and where septic tanks, mains connection or cesspools are not an option. So, surprise – we do this too. Aren’t we just super amazing?
  5. Oi, oi people, there’s even more than meets the eye too – whoop whoop
    We offer an optional Glampsan upgrade kit– yellow caps that fit over the built-in strengthening holes to ensure that you don’t accidentally tip whiffy-waste into the wrong hole – eww!

    They are easily jet-washed and sanitised, leaving a hygienic impression. Rain water run's away off them real-easy too.

    They have a low carbon footprint due a low weight, therefore reducing fuel costs on a lighter delivery truck.

    Level alarms can be easily fitted too.

    We can even do them in a range of colours if you prefer
  6. What else does Glampsan do?
    Well, supporting our awesome range of Flat Tanks are our additional products. These range from water supply pumps, cesspools and septic tanks to underground pump stations, which collect the waste from several sources and pump it away to a suitable disposal point. So, we’ve really have got you covered here too.
Two tanks interconnected using the red connectors as item 3 above

Now that's Jenga!

Click here to read our Blog - Getting to know more about our Flat Tanks

Here's that fun quick-quirky video we mentioned earlier about various ways of using our Flat Tanks with your Glamp-camp-gig...

And one more thing, we’re big on Social Media too

One of our passions is that we love using social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and LinkedIn in quirky and fun ways to appeal to the different avatar and demographic as – after a long day out farming - many land-owners and their sons and daughters would instead look at these media than trawl through endless emails. And we have lots of fun with video too, to get our messages across to you.

So please join in with our world-wide-rave and like us back.”
Have we told you that we believe we make (probably) the most awesome Flat Tanks in the universe? But perhaps we’re biased!

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6 reasons why our Flat Tanks are a big deal

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